Attractions of Northern Cyprus

The most important and famous attractions of Northern Cyprus

Attractions of Northern Cyprus

Nature, monuments and of course the beaches have made Cyprus an exciting destination, a fascinating land in the Mediterranean Sea that is not only a quiet island with beautiful beaches but with a long history, a treasure trove of historical monuments and of course spectacular nature. have given. It is true that Larnaca in southern Cyprus is a destination for many of us Iranians, but the island also has other cities, such as Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Lefka and…, which are located in Northern Cyprus and each is a world of spectacular attractions. We want to talk about the attractions of Northern Cyprus, then go on a tour.

1- Bandar Gyrneh | Gyrne Harbor

Kyrenia is a town on the north coast of Cyprus, known for its historic harbor and castle. The city has an old port that you must visit if you visit Northern Cyprus, which is surrounded by cafes and restaurants and the best place to try the taste of local Cypriot cuisine.

2- Qaleh Gyrneh | Gyrne Castle

Kyrenia Castle is located right next to the port of Kyrenia and its construction uses complex and complex architecture that is really worth visiting. Behind the walls of the castle you will find attractions such as St. George’s Church, royal apartments and a small church, which completes your historical journey. In the Museum of Broken Ships, you will see a ship that sank about 300 BC and is the oldest ship discovered on the seabed.

3- Turtle Beach | Turtle Beach

Surely you expect this beach to be full of turtles? Isn’t that so? In summer, this long sandy beach is home to green turtles that come here to lay their eggs. Cypriots go to this beach for fun and relaxation, so if you want to go to a beach that is more visited by locals than tourists, this beach is a good choice.

4- Church of Blapis | Bellapais Monastery

Built in the 13th century, this church is without a doubt one of the quietest attractions in Northern Cyprus. The church is located in the small village of Blapais, 5 km from Kyrenia, and most of its remains date to the time of King Hug III. This charming and beautiful building has grown and grown over the centuries and today displays the fascinating Gothic architecture.

5- St. Hilarion Castle | St Hilarion Castle

Another historical and fascinating attraction in Northern Cyprus! The castle was built in the city of Kyrenia at an altitude of 670 meters and was known by this name since St. Hilarion originally lived on the summit. The castle has three floors and the upper floor is full of narrow and winding stairs that lead to the Prince John Tower and the royal houses. In this castle, you can watch fascinating views of Kyrenia and the surrounding villages.

6- Buffonto Castle | Buffavento Castle

This castle is located 16 km away from Kyrenia and is the tallest castle with a height of 954 meters, so it certainly has attractive views. Although most parts of this castle have been destroyed over time, but it has an attractive architecture that is a pity to go to Northern Cyprus and do not visit it. On the other hand, if you love mountaineering routes, we have good news for you because you have 45 minutes of mountaineering to reach the castle.

7- Carpathian Peninsula and Andris Church | Karpaz Peninsula and Apostolos Andreas Monastery

The Carpathian Peninsula is a quiet land with miles of pristine sandy beach located northeast of Northern Cyprus. One of the most important attractions of this peninsula is the church of Andris, which has a fascinating history and architecture. It is famous for its wildlife, especially wild donkeys, and is considered by many to be one of the most fascinating attractions in Northern Cyprus.

8- Cantara Castle | Kantara Castle

Cantara Castle was built in the Byzantine period in 965 to protect the Carpathian Peninsula after the Arab invasion. This castle is located at an altitude of 610 meters and is very easy to access. Just visit this castle on a sunny day to be amazed by the spectacular views of the Carpathian Peninsula, Salamis Bay, Famagusta and other parts of Northern Cyprus.

9- The ancient city of Salamis | Salamis Ancient City

Located on the east coast, Salamis is one of the most important and attractive archeological sites and attractions in Northern Cyprus. This ancient city was founded in the 12th century BC and grew and developed for many years until it was destroyed by the Arab invasion, earthquakes and tides of the seventh century. This large city is full of Roman monuments and monuments, which are fascinating to watch for the history of friends.

10- Golpsides Beach | Glapsides Beach

The clean sandy beach with restaurants and cafes has made it one of the most popular beaches in Northern Cyprus. Lovers of beach fun travel to Northern Cyprus without wasting time.

11- Historic walls of Famagusta city Famagusta City-Walls

The walls were originally built high and thin to protect the city from enemy attacks, but later the Venetians added sections to the walls so that they could easily fire to protect the city from the Ottomans. The Martinengo towers and fortifications are one of the finest examples of 16th century military architecture in Northern Cyprus.

12- Church of St. Barnabas | Saint Barnabas Monastery

This church is located in the city of Famagusta and dates back to 1756. The white domes of this church have a special charm and on the other hand the tomb of St. Barbaros that is located in this church is still one of the Greek Cypriot shrines living in Northern Cyprus.

13- Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, St. Nicholas Cathedral | Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque – St Nicolas ’Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral is the most important attraction of Famagusta and one of the most spectacular attractions in Northern Cyprus. This church, which was originally the place of coronation in the absence of many kings, was turned into a mosque after the Ottoman invasion and was named after the Ottoman general who conquered Cyprus.

14- Salimiyeh Mosque, St. Sophia Cathedral | Selimiye Mosque – St Sophia Cathedra

Located in Nicosia, this cathedral is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Northern Cyprus. Although construction of the church began in 1209, it took many years to complete and has been the site of the coronation of many kings throughout. During the Ottoman period, this church was turned into a mosque to become a symbol of Islam.

15- The ancient city of Souli | Ancient City of Soli

This ancient city was probably founded in the 6th century BC and was one of the 10 cities that make up the island. An ancient city that, as if frozen in time and walking through it, you see the ruins that were once built by the Romans.